Apex Factoring

Do you need cash now? Apex freight factoring is the fastest way to get paid.

What is factoring? The purpose of factoring is to get access to cash faster. It’s money that is advanced on accounts receivable. Basically, Apex will buy your freight bills.

Factor with Apex Capital and get paid minutes after your freight invoices are purchased. Plus, those who qualify can use 24/7 Factoring. An Apex Capital exclusive service providing payments anytime, anywhere through blynk™, including nights, weekends, and bank holidays.

The Apex 5-Star Advantage:

  • Low, transparent rates
  • Same-day and next-day funding options
  • Free fuel card with fuel credit lines starting at $2,500 when you factor
  • Free, unlimited credit checks on brokers and shippers
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring options
  • No monthly minimum volume fees (Select the customers you want to factor)
  • No long-term contracts
  • No termination fees

Give Apex a call at 844-204-8650 or get started here!

Do you want to be your own boss? Start your own trucking business!

We make it simple! The Apex Startup Program will form your business entity, like a limited liability company (LLC), and file the paperwork needed to get your motor carrier operating authority (MC Number and DOT Number).

Apex Capital is one of the few companies that helps form your trucking company and apply for operating authority. Plus, after you get your authority, you can factor your freight bills with Apex and get 50% cash back on our service fees!

Ready to start your own trucking company? Get started with the Apex Startup Program here.