Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you work with?

Everyone! We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the need for equipment finance or business capital, Nationwide Equipment Finance is able to provide the right option. We have transaction sizes and loan amounts that range from $10,000 up to multi-Million dollar deals.

What services do you offer?

First and foremost, we are here to help, however we can. We offer Equipment Finance and leasing options on a wide variety of industries including Trucking, Transportation, Construction, Medical and general business funding for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What do you finance?

We offer financing on many different assets needed to operate your business. However we specialize in financing things like Semi-Truck and Trailers, Construction Equipment, Medical Equipment, Busses, Dump Trucks, Tow Trucks, Sprinter Vans, Box Trucks, and More.

Are you a bank/financial institution?

We are not a bank, but we work with many of them. With Nationwide Equipment Finance our goal is to provide you the best term and interest rate for your equipment finance and leasing needs. If you are just working with one or two banks, you will not have all the best options available to you. We will provide you with multiple options in order to pick the best deal suited for your business needs.


What do I need to qualify?

In most cases just an application and an invoice of the piece of equipment you are looking to get a loan on. With all of our programs, an application is the first step in the simple process of getting an approval.

Will you pull my credit score?/Do I need a perfect credit score?

We will run your credit score so we can best package the details of the deal for the underwriters. This helps us find the best deal available for you and ensures that we can move as quickly as possible to get you the capital you need to grow your business.

What is the application process?/How do I get started?

Simple, we have an online or printable application that you can fill out in about 5 minutes. With this we may not require anything else to get your loan approved. In the event we need some more information, we will let you know right away.

How long does it take from start to finish to get equipment?

We move fast! You can have your equipment loan or lease completed within the same day as applying. Typically, if you have all of your information handy and are communicating quickly with us, we should have the entire deal completed within 24-48 hours from the time you applied.

Is there any initial costs associated with financing?

There are Zero upfront costs to apply and have us give you a quote. In some cases even when you are getting approved you will have a Zero Down payment or upfront money due. So it is very likely you will not have any costs for the first 30-60 days of your deal.

What are the rates and how are they determined?

Interest rates are determined by the industry you are in and the overall score of your business. We provide the top industry rates for equipment finance and leasing options because we work with these lenders on a daily basis.

How does the repayment process work?

Your monthly payments will be due ACH or automatically collected from your bank account, this is convenient so you do not have to remember to mail in a check each month.

What do you need from a client to get started? (forms, ID,...?)

We need an application filled out only to get the process started. There is a likelihood we will require additional information at the next step, but to get started all we need is the application filled out.


What is a business working capital? What is it used for?

Business working capital is a flexible loan used for a business's planned or unplanned expenses. It typically will meet a short term obligation or need and give the business the short term flexibility they need to be successful. Typically loans are anywhere from 3 months to 18 months in length.

How do you help individuals, small businesses, and fleets repair their credit?

Although a "A" Rated credit score is not required to get a business loan or equipment finance deal done, it does make things easier and provide better rates and terms. By working with Nationwide Equipment Finance and completing a successful loan of any kind, you will be building your credit rating and score up along the way.

What's involved/the options with a truck warranty?

Nationwide Equipment Finance is a certified warranty distributor for Premium 2000+ and NTP warranty providers. We are able to structure a custom warranty to fit the equipment needs.

What is a business line of credit? How is it beneficial to an individual or business?

A business line of credit is different from a loan or working capital. It is provided to businesses to use when they see fit for their business. While the money is used it will accrue interest, however when the money is paid back there is no interest that accrues. This is probably the most flexible finance asset available to our clients.