Private-Party Seller Financing

What Is Private-Party Seller Financing?

When shopping for new equipment or vehicles, there’s a few ways to go. If you’re in the market and you’ve found a private seller we can help get you financed. With our easy apply and simple approval process we provide financing like the seller was a dealership.

We offer Equipment Finance and leasing options on a wide variety of industries including Trucking, Transportation, Construction, Medical and general business funding for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Not buying from a dealership but need financing? We’re here to help! We take a look at your business and what you’d like to finance and are able to come up with competitive rates based on your portfolio. Our agents are ready to help you with private-party finance done right. See your personalized rates today!


With no effect on your personal credit

Private-Party Deals We’ve Financed:

  • Semi Trucks
  • Semi Trailers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Medical Equipment