Traditional Business Loans

Looking for assistance with a traditional Business loan? You’re not alone! They are the most common form of debt financing used by small and mid-sized companies today. Traditional business loans generally offer the most competitive rates and best terms of all commercial lending options. A traditional term loan is financing that is paid back incrementally over a fixed term (or period of time). With different loan amounts, rates, terms, and more see your personalized plan with one of our friendly, fast agents!


With no effect on your personal credit

How Traditional Business Loans Work

Ideally, a loan is a request to borrow and a lender loans the money. From there the borrower would pay back the money with interest until it’s paid off. Traditional loans work this way with a few exceptions and things to know. These kinds of loans have either floating or fixed interest rates, which depends upon the risk assessed for the individual(s) or business(es). A general rule is the more risk the higher the interest rate will be, but we’re able to find great deals for just about everyone. The monthly payments are agreed upon by both parties and the loan is given. From there the borrower pays back the loan at the agreed rate and term. That’s how we get companies large and small financed with a business loan.

Benefits of a Traditional Business Loan

  • Planned monthly payments
  • Build business credit
  • Cash on hand to help pay for various expenses
  • Business relationship with Nationwide Equipment Finance

What are Traditional Loans Used For?

  • Commercial rent
  • Mortgage payments
  • Business expansion
  • Cover payroll expenses
  • Paying partners
  • Capital improvements
  • Buy needed equipment
  • Business upgrades
  • Starting a business
  • Business acquisition
  • Inventory needs
  • Debt refinancing
  • Consolidation of debt
  • Working capital
  • Steady cash flow